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IBI is investigating numerous quantitative and qualitative modulations in proteins found among healthy populations and those with known diseases. Through this work, IBI is identifying protein modulations that delineate normal healthy variations from diseased states. The MASSAY™ platform, assays, and protocols are currently employed at IBI to analyze biological fluid samples from hundreds of individuals, with the goal of establishing a database of structural modulations for each protein among the human population. Over time, thousands of biological samples will be analyzed, and the range of protein concentrations, along with the most frequent posttranslational modifications or point mutations, will be determined and catalogued for each protein.

IBI's database of normal protein variations will aid researchers in differentiating disease biomarkers from benign variants. As a result, new biomarkers will be easier to find and validate for use as indicators of disease onset and progression, ultimately enabling efficient new screening efforts within clinical and diagnostic laboratories. IBI's Population Proteomics™ program represents a new, proactive direction in the field of proteomics research, with significant clinical and diagnostic implications.

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