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Intrinsic Bioprobes, Inc. MASSAY™ technology system is an integrated platform designed for high-throughput and comprehensive characterization of proteins from various biological fluid samples. The MASSAY system combines affinity-based methods for protein isolation with the power of mass spectrometric detection. This targeted proteomics approach provides relative and absolute protein quantification as well as qualitative information in regards to the protein structure.

Enzymatically-derivatized mass spectrometer targets are part of the MASSAY system, assisting in the detection and identification of post - translational protein modifications. High-throughput liquid handling robotics enables parallel analyses of up to 96 samples, and proprietary developed bioinformatics tools are employed for the MS data analysis. IBI is currently employing the MASSAY system in high-volume population proteomics studies, and in several of its research programs where high-throughput protein assaying is desired. With its highly reproducible protein analyses and unprecedented extent of protein characterization, the MASSAY system offers a novel solution to the challenges posed in today's proteomics and biomarker discovery fields.

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