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IBI Research Program: Infectious Disease

Infectious disease research is based on the ability to detect and monitor molecular responses generated by both the infectious agent as well as the host response to infection. From general inflammatory indicators to the presence of signature molecules, the sensitive measurement and characterization of biomarkers provides a solid basis for disease detection, diagnostic development, or therapeutic monitoring.

With the capability to also look for broad molecular recognition, ratios of protein isoforms can be followed as they rise in response to infection and then fall as they return to normal.  Biomarkers that are general indicators of health offer a rational basis for patient selection in clinical trials. 

The MASSAY platform can be used in both the discovery and validation processes, with significant implications in the diagnostics field.  Our aim  is to expedite the search for protein differences that can be related to disease or response to treatment, and narrow the gap between the discovery process and the clinical and diagnostic application of such biomarkers.

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