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Intrinsic Bioprobes Inc. (IBI) is a privately held biotechnology company focused on the development and application of clinical and diagnostic assays and platforms for rapid and sensitive protein biomarker analysis. IBI applies its innovations through protein analysis services and research partnerships. Organizations working with IBI can accelerate their drug development cycles, increase the efficacy of therapies in development, and reduce bottom line expenses.

IBI was founded in late 1996 based on research initiated at Arizona State University. IBI's technologies are centered on the use of Mass Spectrometry (MS) for characterization of biomolecules. Using custom designed affinity micro-purification, proteins of interest are isolated directly from biological samples and subjected to MS analysis for identification, quantification, and characterization, all in a fully automated platform.

The company's proprietary technologies are incorporated into the MASSAY™ System, a mass spectrometry approach for high throughput proteome characterization and high-resolution biomarker discovery. The MASSAY System includes novel Bioreactive Mass Spectrometer Probes (BRP™), devices for rapid, sensitive and accurate protein characterization, and Mass Spectrometric Immunoassay (MSIA™), a high-performance approach for the selective isolation of proteins from complex biological matrices. Combined with robotics, this system is capable of high-throughput (up to 2,500 samples/day) analysis of proteins obtained directly from biological media.

Many biomarker discovery efforts to date are based on approaches attempting to look at the entire proteome.  IBI takes a different strategy by looking at "routine" proteins in more detail and identifying post-translational modifications, point mutations, variants and truncations that define the proteome. These variants in turn provide information that can be used to design targeted diagnostic assays, stratify patients in clinical trials, monitor patients more effectively, and facilitate pharmacokinetic studies by following in vivo changes of therapeutic proteins.

The company's intellectual property consists of numerous issued and pending U.S. and international patents. Intrinsic Bioprobes, Inc. currently employs 11 scientist and staff members and is located in the greater Phoenix area in Tempe, Arizona.

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