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Cellular, biochemical, and molecular alterations that can be used to recognize and monitor normal and pathogenic biological processes are extremely important in diagnosis of diseases and therapy management. These alterations can be monitored at the protein level, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Discovery of new biomarkers, and validation of prospective candidate biomarkers, is an integral part in all of IBI's research programs. Intrinsic Bioprobes' MASSAY platform and targeted proteomics technologies incorporatelmass-spectrometry detection, which provide sensitive measure of protein structural changes occurring in vivo . Protein quantification is also achieved via proprietary relative and absolute measures incorporated within the same proteomics platform.

The MASSAY platform can be used in both the discovery and validation processes, with significant implications in the diagnostics field. Our aim is to expedite the search for protein differences that can be related to disease or response to treatment, and narrow the gap between the discovery process and the clinical and diagnostic application of such biomarkers.

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