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Biomolecular interaction analysis mass spectrometry (BIA/MS™) is a two-step process that produces extensive quantitative and qualitative information about proteins by analyzing the structure and function of protein samples.

Analyses are performed on very small sample amounts, making the BIA/MS a viable approach for studies where the amount of sample available for diagnostic or clinical analysis is limited. The demonstrated ability to detect attomole amounts of proteins opens up new possibilities for the application of BIA/MS in characterization of a great number of proteins existing at intrinsically low concentrations in their native cellular systems.

In addition, IBI has recently been awarded a patent for a chip-based approach, Biosensor Chip Mass Spectrometry (BCMS™), that can be used in functional analysis and identification of unknown proteins that bind specifically to immobilized receptors. BCMS enables the use of a single bioactive chip to prepare samples for high-throughput protein analysis through advantageous techniques of analyte isolation, modification, and concentration.

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