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Target validation
High-throughput protein analysis can radically reduce the cycle time and cost of biomarker discovery, drug development, and disease diagnostics. Intrinsic Bioprobes, Inc. (IBI) offers superior industrial-scale protein analysis services for investigating any protein detectable in human biological fluids. IBI can help your organization reveal protein variants related to specific diseases or that may be created during the administration ofldrugs. IBI applies its unparalleled expertise in human protein analysis through proven, cost-effective, proprietary tools and processes.
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Personalized Medicine
Individualized medicine leads to more effective therapies and reduces the risk of adverse therapy responses. Identifying patient characteristics associated with a disease, screening a population for these biomarkers, and assessing responses to therapy are all required to bring targeted therapies into reality. High-throughput protein analysis by IBI is the most cost-effective, data-rich, and accurate means available of finding new biomarkers, identifying known biomarkers in biological media, and assessing therapies during clinical trials.
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Clinical Trial Acceleration
Proteins in biological fluids provide specific information about the presence of disease and patient responses to therapy. Because genes express themselves through proteins, the same information sought from genetics can often be found faster and in more detail by analyzing proteins directly. When genetic correlations are important, it is still faster and more cost-effective to use IBI’s protein analysis services to select individuals for gene sequencing than it is to sequence an entire cohort of therapeutic candidates.
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